Beatties Basics

Committing Member

Beatties Basics has been a long established local provider of office supplies including furniture, business machines, office design and space planning, technical service, and repairs. They understand the challenges their customers face with balancing the need for more efficient processes and lowering the cost of procurement. Beatties Basics’ commitment to understanding customer needs drives their passion to being the low cost, local, low carbon single source solution for the numerous product lines.

Beatties Basics achieved ISO 14001 Certification in 2012, and is internationally recognized for their commitment to the environment. Over the past few years, Beatties Basics has made substantial reductions in electricity consumption, quantity of printed materials, and increased waste diversion, and as a committing member of the Carbon Project, Beatties is continuing to see reductions and operational improvements as they meet their reduction targets.

Baseline Year:


2016 GHG Emissions:

223.77 tCO2e

Reduction Target:

20% Absolute

Recent Goals & Focus Areas

Recent Sustainable Projects

Waste Diversion (2015)

Beatties implemented a waste diversion program for electronic waste; finding ways to recycle or reuse electronic components keeps toxic chemicals and valuable materials out of landfills, and keeps them available for future use.

  • Electronic waste recycling (ie. computers, phones, televisions, and other electronics)
  • 6 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill

Reduced Marketing and Advertising Print Materials (2015)

Reducing the consumption of materials such as paper can have a significant impact on a company’s carbon footprint; minimizing the use of resources is better for the environment and produces fewer carbon emissions.

  • Print materials reduced by 650 kg/year

Ink Cartridge Recycling (2015)

Ink cartridges may contain toxic chemicals;  by cleaning and reusing the cartridges, ink may be properly disposed of and the cartridges may be reused or recycled.

  • Divert used ink cartridges from landfill through recycling program

ISO 14001 Recertification (2015)

Beatties continues to be internationally recognized for its commitment to the environment through the implementation and design of their Environmental Management System.