Canadian Niagara Power

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Canadian Niagara Power Inc. supplies electricity to over 24,800 customers in the Fort Erie and Port Colborne area. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of FortisOntario Inc., which is headquartered in Fort Erie and has operations in electricity distribution and transmission.

Recognizing both the cost and environmental benefits associated with decreasing energy consumption, CN Power offers advice on how to increase energy efficiency for both homes and businesses. Through incentive programs like Save On Energy, Conservation and Demand Management program, and renewable generation opportunities, CN Power is providing opportunities for community members to benefit from becoming more environmentally conscious.

Baseline Year:


2015 GHG Emissions:

332.0 tCO2e

Emission Reduction Target:


Recent Goals & Focus Areas

Recent Sustainable Projects

Improved HVAC Efficiency (2015)

Improving the heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) efficiency, CN Power was able to make substantial reductions to their annual carbon emissions.

Founded a Green Team (2015)

Green Teams are an integral part of making strides in reducing carbon emissions; by creating a Green Team, CN Power is showcasing its commitment to the environment through employee engagement.

Created a GHG inventory (2015)

Tracking greenhouse gas emissions is the first step in making reductions, and an effective way of finding areas for improvement.