Fire Monitoring of Canada

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Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. (FMC) has become an industry leader in the fire alarm monitoring industry. Specializing in early notification systems, FMC understands that efficiency saves lives, and strives to provide the highest level of professional, customer focused security and monitoring solutions possible. FMC is continually working to improve all aspects of their business, through the implementation of new technologies and policies.

FMC’s management and staff are committed to the environment are taking steps to minimize their environmental impacts through the implementation of operational improvements and sustainability projects. Since joining the Carbon Project, FMC has made strides in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions to better serve their community.

Baseline Year:


GHG Emissions:

143.39 tCO2e

Emission Reduction Target:


Recent Goals & Focus Areas

Recent Sustainable Projects

Fleet Upgrade (2015)

FMC installed tracking systems in fleet vehicles to increase efficiency and reduce idle time, thus reducing their carbon emissions. 

Set Goal for Source Reduction (2015)

Reducing paper consumption was a priority for FMC, and electronic communications have managed to aid in these reductions. 

Installed Motion Sensors (2015)

Motion sensors have helped reduce lighting usage in office spaces.