Horizon Utilities

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Horizon (Alectra) Utilities is shaping the future of energy; they are committed energy conservation and researching new technologies for enhancing the quality of life for their customers. Horizon strives to provide safe, reliable, and innovative energy solutions to over 240,000 residential and commercial customers in the cities of Hamilton and St. Catharines.

Doing business sustainably is essential to Horizon’s success; they are the first company in Canada to earn the Sustainable Electricity Company TM designation, and the first of any kind in Ontario to file their emissions with the Global Reporting Initiative TM (GRI).

Horizon Utilities is a long-standing supporter of Niagara Sustainability Initiative, and prior to joining as an Advanced Member of the Carbon Project, Horizon provided critical information and support for other members of our network on how to benefit both environmentally and financially from the saveONenergy program.

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2016 GHG Emissions:


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Recent Goals & Focus Areas

Recent Sustainable Projects

Environmental Policy (2014)

Through their policies, Horizon has successfully embedded sustainability into its day-to-day business operations. These policies include: Sustainability Policy, Environmental Policy, Sustainable Design and Procurement Policy

ISO Certification (2014)

Horizon is ISO 1400, Environment, Certified and achieved re-certification in October 2014.  Horizon is also one of few Canadian utility companies to be compliant the ISO 26000, Social Responsibility standard.

Conservation and Demand Management Plan (2014)

Through their conservation programs, Hamilton and St. Catharines customers to reduced electricity consumption by 11 million kWh from 2013 to 2014

Lighting Retrofit Project (2014)

Lighting was upgraded to LEDs in Horizon’s parking garage and is estimated to save over 27,000 kWh  of electricity per year