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Quartek Group Inc. is an architectural and engineering design consulting firm with in-house professionals specializing in urban planning and design, civil and municipal engineering, architecture, interior design, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering; their integrated design process is the key to their Green Team’s success.

Quartek joined the Carbon Project in 2011, and has continued to implement sustainability initiatives; they have managed to integrate carbon reduction thinking into their business decisions, and have successfully engaged their staff members to participate in their sustainability initiatives. Quartek continues to share their experience and knowledge of sustainable architecture with the community, and exemplifies the movement toward a more sustainable Niagara.

Baseline Year:


2016 GHG Emissions:

78.75 tC02e

Reduction Target:

40% Absolute

Recent Goals & Focus Areas

Recent Sustainable Projects

Energy Model (2015)

Quartek created an energy model for the combined office space to maximize efficiency and developed a strategy for implementation.

Feasibility Study (2015)

A feasibility study was conducted for a Heat-Recovery Ventilation system.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades (2015)

Quartek continued to replace office lighting, installed motion sensors and automatic doors.

GHG Emission Reductions (2014)

Employees are encouraged to use alternative transport (ie. walking or cycling), and reduced employee emissions by combining office buildings in a central location.