Water Superstore

Committing Member

Serving the region for the past 20 years, Water Superstore is a family owned and operated water supply company recognized for their quality products and customer service. Water Superstore specializes in purified reverse osmosis u-full water, commercial and residential treatment equipment sales, technical support, service and delivery.

Water Superstore is committed to continuous improvement and researching innovative products and green alternatives, and since joining Niagara Sustainability in 2011, Water Superstore has been a dedicated Carbon Project member. As a family owned business, the owners of Water Superstore understand the importance of community involvement and improving economic vitality of the Niagara Region. Their commitment to sustainability has not only benefited the environment and community, but resulted in cost savings and improved employee engagement.

Baseline Year:


2016 GHG Emissions:

41.84 tCO2e

Reduction Target:

Target: 20% Intensity (Intensity-based targets are less stringent than absolute targets, as they account for organizational growth.)

Recent Goals & Focus Areas

Recent Sustainable Projects

Water Delivery Efficiency Project (2015)

Changes were made in the ordering system to reduce unnecessary stops and lower loads, in order to improve fuel efficiency.

Delivery Route Optimization (2015)

GPS was used to increase delivery efficiency and improve fuel efficiency.

Window Film (2014)

Installing window film helps block harmful UV rays and assists in reducing excessive office heating and cooling.

Temperature Efficiency (2014)

Heating and cooling requirements were reduced by adding uniform sweaters, improving window and door seals, installing window films, and controlled programmable thermostat settings.