Carbon Pricing and the Push Towards Corporate Sustainability


By: Helen Blackburn, NSI PR Team In order to keep up with changing times and ensure success in business, sustainability is becoming a necessity. Everyone seems to be talking about carbon pricing and the costs associated with being green. There is a growing corporate responsibility to initiate sustainable practices through purchasing, supplier development, transportation, manufacturing,… View Article

Springtime Eco-Friendly Cleanup Tips


By Shannon Webb           (Image Source: It’s finally here. We’ve waited 14 long weeks for it – spring has sprung! I can hear the cheers through the computer screen from all you sun-loving, warm weather warriors. For as much as we love spring, along with the warm weather comes the… View Article

The Benefits of Becoming Sustainable


By: Brittany Arnold, NSI PR Intern Photo courtesy of Walker Environmental Group – Community Garden Sustainability and business are words that seem to be increasingly interdependent as the notion of sustainability is no longer avoided by companies and businesses but instead, welcomed. For businesses, investing in sustainable practices is proven to have significant outcomes. Sustainability… View Article

Green Decision Making – Post Event Blog

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On Tuesday, February 24th, NSI hosted their second event of the year, “Green Decision Making”. The educational forum facilitated the discussion of strategies for overcoming the obstacles facing green decision making. NSI members and guests were able to explore methods of integrating sustainability initiatives into their organization’s decision-making processes. Incorporating sustainability initiatives into the decision making… View Article

Understanding Green Building and Better Decision Making

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By: Jen Hart Green building is based on the simple goal of reducing the environmental impact of the built environment, but it can be hard to understand what green building really means and why businesses and organizations should get on board. Building green, or sustainable design, is the practice of increasing the efficiency of the… View Article

Great Green Renovations & Remodels


By Shannon Webb   Improving our work spaces is something most organizations want to and enjoy doing. We are the only animals who choose to improve the way our “dens” look rather than the safety of it. This is not to say, we do not care if we are safe (of course we do), but we often care… View Article

Co-learning at Niagara Sustainability’s “Getting to know NSI” event


By Diane Chesla Last Thursday’s “Getting to know NSI” event was my first as a new volunteer with Niagara Sustainability Initiative. I think I had the best job that night – I worked the volunteer recruitment table. Here’s the thing, “sustainability” is such a modern day buzz word that everyone wants to know what they… View Article

NSI Year End Review


By: Lana Phan As we come to the close of 2014, we would like to reflect on this past year as the Niagara Sustainability Initiative (NSI).  We have persevered despite limited resources, delivered a full event season and grown considerably as an organization. In the last twelve months NSI has continued to overcome the odds… View Article

Your Post-Holiday Cleanup

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By: Shannon Webb The holidays are a great time of year, filled with people we care about, delicious food and, quite often, gifts.  While enjoying the holiday season is a deserved break at the end of a year, it is often associated with much waste and abundance.  Each individual, household and business can help reduce… View Article

A Very Merry and Sustainable, Holiday Season!


By Jen Hart The holiday season is always a favourite time of year for many of us, but as we celebrate, give gifts and travel, extra waste is generated and excess energy is used. The volume of household waste generated from the end of November to New Year’s Day increases by about 25% compared to… View Article