Earth Day and the Environmental Movement

Written by: Jen Hart As Earth Day 2016 approaches on April 22, Niagara Sustainability Initiative takes a closer look at the origins of Earth Day and the beginning of the modern day environmental movement. We also take a look at where we stand today in terms of successes gained and next steps. Adapted from… View Article

Volunteer Appreciation at NSI

By: Lana Phan, Carbon Project Program Manager This week, April 10 to 16 is National Volunteer Week 2016. As a non-profit we rely on an amazing team of volunteers to help deliver our programs at Niagara Sustainability Initiative (NSI). In the last year we’ve hosted 80 motivated and highly skilled volunteers and interns either in… View Article

Now Trending #EarthHour

Written by: Jen Hart When I first heard of Earth Hour, I was a little skeptical; I try to incorporate environmentalism into my life every day, why would I sit in the dark for an hour and then once the hour was over, turn the lights back on and continue with business as usual? Earth… View Article

My First Week at NSI- A Reflection

Written by: Melissa Gallina For those of you I have yet to meet, my name is Melissa Gallina, and I have just completed my first week as NSI’s new Events and Operations Manager. It has been a whirlwind of a week – filled with learning and excitement – and I wanted to take the time… View Article

Eating Local with the Garden City Food Co-op

Written by: Elizabeth Carmichael Picture this. You walk into a grocery store filled with fresh, locally produced foods, perhaps straight from one of your farming neighbour’s backyard (or one of the Niagara Region’s 2,236 farms). Most of the products offered have travelled less than 100 km to get to the store, so every time you… View Article

Matt’s Trip to Africa: Gorilla Conservation in DR Congo

Written by: Matt Brunette My trip took me from Kenya to Rwanda to DR Congo in just about 2 weeks. It was a lot to take in but it was a truly amazing experience. The purpose of the trip was to assess current projects and develop new strategies for eastern lowland gorilla conservation in Kahuzi-Biega… View Article

Liquid Gold

Written by: Jesse Hudecki –“Fresh water is one of the necessities of life, and yet paradoxically it is everywhere under threat – from overuse, from climate change, from nutrient enrichment, and from industrial pollution. As a freshwater superpower, Canada needs to have a National Water Policy. As a planet, we need to acknowledge that an… View Article

Dealing with e-waste in the office

Written by: Jen Hart Waste can be a significant contributor to the environmental footprint of an organization. Although office spaces may not seem like a significant generator of waste materials, depending on the size, function and the number of employees, office spaces have the potential to generate a lot of waste! Any method that keeps… View Article

Welcome Melissa!

We’re excited to welcome Melissa Gallina to the Carbon Project as our new Events and Operations Manager.   A native of Niagara, Melissa Gallina has joined Niagara Sustainability Initiative as the Events and Operations Manager. Melissa has a Masters degree in Geography from McMaster University and is currently pursuing a certificate in project management from Algonquin… View Article

National Bottled Water Free Day

Written by: Janelle Nystrom Celebrated each year, (on March 16 in Canada), is Bottled Water Free Day, an international day of action to challenge the bottled water industry and encourage clean and strong public water systems. Over 90 municipalities in Canada, 26 campuses across the country, and 11 school boards have committed to backing the… View Article