Innovative Car Technologies

  Written by: Jen Hart Automotive technology has seen significant advancements in the past few years. In terms of fuel economy, consumers are demanding more fuel-efficient cars that go farther than ever before, or even those that don’t require any conventional fuel at all. In terms of new driver comfort and safety technologies, cars of… View Article

NSI doubled its capacity with the addition of 4 new Coordinators

Niagara Sustainability Initiative (NSI) is very happy to welcome four new Coordinators to our team this summer. Three of these positions were made possible by the Canada Summer Jobs Program, which provides funding to create jobs for students. The roles we’ve hired for will fulfill the focus of the program which is to both develop… View Article

Long Beach Ride 2016

Written by: Laura Dunkley Long Beach Ride for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of South Niagara –  June 19, 2016 NSI is excited to be sponsor for the 2nd Annual Long Beach Ride, which will take place on Sunday, June 19th, 2016 in the Wainfleet-Port Colborne Area. This year the Long Beach Ride Committee is partnering with NSI in… View Article

Sense and Sustainability

Written by: Sean Parkinson Another successful event for Niagara Sustainability Initiative was held this past Tuesday morning, as business representatives and other enviro-savvy attendants gathered in the bright open space in StationOne Coffeehouse – a perfect place to network and discuss the Value of Prioritizing Sustainability. Throughout the event, Peter Gray, President and Owner of… View Article

Bike to Work- It’s a Win- Win

Written by: Renée Palisa Hopping into our cars to get from point A to point B is a well-entrenched habit for so many people—some might say even an addiction—something most of us do without ever considering the reasons behind our choices. It’s also widely recognized that driving our vehicles can negatively impact many aspects of our… View Article

Thank You Cardinal Consulting

Niagara Sustainability Initiative would like to thank and congratulate the hard-working Cardinal Consulting team from Western University’s Masters in Environment and Sustainability (MES) program in the Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES). As part of the MES program the team of students took on a consulting project for NSI to develop resources to help Carbon… View Article

People & The Environment: Dedicated to Niagara Sustainability Initiative

Written by: Vlad Volovyk Living in Ukraine and working in the mining industry for a long time, I saw the legacy left in my country after the Soviet period, and how many environmental problems were added by construction of new pits, dumps, tailings ponds, etc. in the post-Soviet period. Having my own experience of violations… View Article

Earth Day and the Environmental Movement

Written by: Jen Hart As Earth Day 2016 approaches on April 22, Niagara Sustainability Initiative takes a closer look at the origins of Earth Day and the beginning of the modern day environmental movement. We also take a look at where we stand today in terms of successes gained and next steps. Adapted from… View Article

Volunteer Appreciation at NSI

By: Lana Phan, Carbon Project Program Manager This week, April 10 to 16 is National Volunteer Week 2016. As a non-profit we rely on an amazing team of volunteers to help deliver our programs at Niagara Sustainability Initiative (NSI). In the last year we’ve hosted 80 motivated and highly skilled volunteers and interns either in… View Article

Now Trending #EarthHour

Written by: Jen Hart When I first heard of Earth Hour, I was a little skeptical; I try to incorporate environmentalism into my life every day, why would I sit in the dark for an hour and then once the hour was over, turn the lights back on and continue with business as usual? Earth… View Article