By: Meithili Mitchell |

Terrible Turbines?

There are also those who oppose wind-turbines, paradoxically, on “environmental” grounds, that wind turbines kill birds.  In fact, many hundreds of millions birds are killed as a result of flying into buildings, cars, high tension power lines and many other human-built structures.  By comparison, wind turbines are responsible for only a few thousand bird-deaths (in the USA) annually. In addition, pesticides and loss of habitat from other human activities have been responsible for far greater damage to bird populations.  Using the same logic, those who oppose turbines on these grounds should be up in arms against new construction and be working to reduce the harm posed by these pre-existing threats rather than targeting wind turbines.

Farming Around Them

Another fallacy is that the land around wind farms cannot be used for other purposes.  The land around and between turbines is perfectly safe for the purposes of raising crops and livestock.  In fact, farmers can (and do) plant crops right up to the base of the structure, thus allowing a dual purpose and more income from their property when they lease land for the use of wind turbines.

The Benefits of Wind Turbines

Wind turbines and wind farms are a good thing for Niagara.  “Green” activists must fight against the anti-wind lobbyists by tearing down their objections with information and education.  Wind turbines:

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for electricity.
  • Land around wind-farms is already being used for more than just the turbines
  • Are renewable sources for electricity will reduce smog and pollution
  • Have set-back bylaws ensure that the noise doesn’t disturb residents

So-called wind turbine syndrome has been shown by many studies to be non-existent and hype.  Existing infrastructure is already responsible for far more bird-deaths than wind turbines.

If people consider that increasing our proportion in the air we breathe, then they would see wind turbines differently.  They need to see past the smog of misinformation and misperceptions to the clear air we would have by generating electricity using renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.