The NSI Volunteer Team is made up of a dedicated group of emerging and experienced professionals and students who are not only passionate about sustainability but about the Niagara Region as well. Current volunteers work with NSI during their studies, while looking for employment, and as full-time professionals.

We are not currently accepting new volunteers. 

Volunteer of the Month

May 2017

Charles Ross Hayden

Charles a pensioner, spent much of his career at sea in various capacities now he shares his life with his family, friends and a white fluffy cat. An avid gardener he is as well one of the friends of centennial gardens and spends much of his spare time there happily toiling away or rambling in the park. He continues to create and learn every day.

April 2017

Stephanie Oliver, Graphic Design Assistant

March 2017

Franklyn Searle, Event Operations Assistant

February 2017

Carolyn Oatley, Graphic Design Assistant

December 2016

Kerry Meissner, Accounting Coordinator

November 2016

Sean Parkinson, Social Media Coordinator

October 2016

Louise Daurio, Research Coordinator

September 2016

Meghan Trimble, Carbon Accounting Tool Lead

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