The Carbon Project

What is the Carbon Project?

The Carbon Project is a membership program that provides organizations with the tools and support necessary to measure, manage and reduce an organization’s carbon emissions. The Carbon Project provides members with the benefits of cost savings, employee engagement/retention, brand enhancement and risk mitigation. Membership fees are dependent on the size of the organization (number of employees and number of facilities reported on). The range of annual membership fees is $520 to $5,200.

With membership, organizations get year round support from NSI staff and exclusive access to our Carbon Accounting Tool, Member Portal resources, Season of Events and credible third-party recognition through our website, reports, and events.

Carbon Project members are Niagara’s leaders against Climate Change. Since 2011, Carbon Project members have been taking the lead to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of Climate Change on their businesses and communities. Through improving the sustainability of their operations and facilities, Carbon Project members are acquiring a competitive edge through sustainability as they ensure that their organization is better able to adapt and thrive in the uncertain environmental, economic, and social conditions of the future.

This program provides a platform for leaders to better learn how to reduce their GHG emissions and environmental impacts, while benefiting from increased efficiency and education, no matter their level of expertise in environmental management.

Carbon Project Services

Educational Networking Events

Monthly events keep your organization up-to-date on best practices, sustainability strategies, and tools for implementation. Connect with other organizations in the region and share and learn from each others’ experiences.

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Easy Tracking Software

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Expert Knowledge & Resources

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Success & Public Recognition

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Reduce Carbon

There are four primary benefits, which member organizations continuously report, as they reduce their organizational carbon footprint: Operational Cost Savings, Enhanced Brand, Employee Attraction & Retention, and Risk Mitigation. No matter what stage your organization is at in the sustainability journey, our process supports your increasing commitment to environmental responsibility.

Benefits of Reducing Carbon

Operational Cost Savings

With the cost of energy expected to rise, taking steps to identify energy savings now will also benefit cost savings in the future. Reducing energy consumption not only reduces carbon emissions, but also risk, including the risk of being vulnerable to unpredictable energy and gas costs.

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Enhanced Brand & Product

Now, more than ever, customers are choosing products and services that are provided by environmentally and socially responsible companies.

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Employee Attraction & Retention

92% of young workers would prefer to work for an environmentally concerned company. 77% of MBA students are willing to earn a reduced wage to work for a company with a sustainability policy.

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Advanced Risk Mitigation

Prepare for an economy where carbon is regulated through financial mechanisms (cap-and-trade, carbon tax, etc.). Quantifying the amount of emissions your company produces is the first step towards managing carbon emissions efficiently and identifying potential for reductions and savings.

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  • Q: Is NSI a consulting firm?

    A: We are not a consulting firm. We are a non-profit organization. Our mandate is to continually engage and educate members and the Niagara community, rather than providing GHG reduction recommendations and walking away. Our goals are to help members:

    • Measure and reduce environmental impact
    • Connect with like-minded organizations and professionals
    • Establish sustainability and innovation-related knowledge
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