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The Carbon Project

A network of leaders in Niagara who gain a competitive advantage by embedding sustainability into their operations.

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Check out our next event. We host a comprehensive season of events to help you implement sustainability measures.

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Do you want to get involved? A group of dedicated volunteers help us with our

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Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce operations greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, increase local business profitability, and work towards the creation of a low carbon economy. We will promote this vision throughout Niagara as our community continues to grow.

Advancing environmental and economic performance in the Niagara Region.

NSI News

Living with Less – Creating Mindful Space

Written by: Renee Palisa “There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.”  —Jackie French Koller We live in a society that prides itself on the pursuit of accumulating possessions. Yet most of us know deep down that owning a lot of “stuff” doesn’t provide […]

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Understanding the Oil Sands: Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble

Written by: Dan Mazur Alberta’s oil sands are the lifeblood of the province’s economy playing a major role in both the Canadian and global economy by supplying stable, reliable energy to the world, as well as employing thousands of Canadians in the process. The on-going struggle to balance the needs of both the present and […]

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Volunteering Opportunity at NSI

A volunteering position is open at NSI – Marketing & Communication Lead. If you are a person enjoys meeting new people and set marketing communications through media and social networks, join the team to explore new opportunities and excel your skills. Click on the link to apply Marketing & Communications Lead

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  • “NSI has really become a leader in the business community and is making significant
    contributions to not only assist businesses to become more sustainable, but making a
    difference in the Niagara community as a whole.”

    Taryn Wilkinson, Niagara College, Niagara on the Lake

  • “We recognized some obvious energy losses with hot/cold zones in the Township office. Given our small staff size, membership in NSI has given us the support needed to make progress in this area.”

    Mike Sullivan,

  • “We are confident that our partnership with NSI, and the valuable information provided on their website and seminars will continue to move us forward.”

    Kevin Allison, Fire Monitoring Canada Inc, St. Catharines

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CO2e committed to being reduced


Members or 9.1% of Niagara's workforce


Passenger cars equivalent to GHG managed emissions.